Jordanstown Indian Jewel

I was treated to a truly amazing culinary experience in the Crown Jewel of Indian cuisine in Jordanstown that is TAAJ. 

620 Shore Road


United Kingdom

028 9086 6599

TAAJ is an acronym for Traditional Authentic Aromatic Journey  and along with the very strong Lion logo and branding exhibits a very powerful message. TAAJ Jordanstown is the second TAAJ after the Magherafelt branch brought to us by Manjeev and Pradeep. It is a truly authentic Indian restaurant having owners and chef of Indian origin. Chef in Jordanstown is Nirmal.

After chatting to Manjeev and Nirmal I was recommended the signature dish of Sea Bass. This was delicately pan fried in a selection of aromatic spices, served on pan fried new potatoes, topped off by cherry tomatoes and accompanied by boiled rice, side salad (lettuce,cherry tomatoes, red onion and cucumber) and makhani sauce, with a wedge if lemon. This was all served on a single square white plate. The whole combination worked very well,was absolutely an amazing dish and was enough for my satiation.

The food was so nice I took a take out of chicken tikka bhuna with pilau rice (for wife and kids). Again that was delicious and finished by three hungry ladies! Meat wasvery succulent as with the fish,very flavoured and a bit spicy for the girls,but this was quitened down with yoghurt.

The team are very up to date with legislation and regulations and are very proactive and forward thinking. Again this is reflected on the menu and restaurant set up. A truly great addition to the Indian food scene in the greater Belfast area, thoroughly recommended!!

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