Tru fusion 

The name Kurrito is a mix between the K from Saminas surname Kauser (owner) and Burrito, it really is a “curry” in a burrito!!
Also her Kudoori chicken is a play on words being an amalgamation of her surname and tandoori!!

It is a very homely Pakistani/Mexican fusion oriented restaurant (with no liquor license), not dissimilar to another local restaurant I’m due to visit!!

It was started in September and Samina stayed and really made a go of it. I must say she is a wonderful lady, very friendly, driven, passionate and successful. She also had a coffee shop which her brother now has Cafe Azizzi. 

Samina comes from a big family in the East Midlands and learnt her cooking from her mother, who always said when you cook, cook with love and it comes through in the taste. Our food was full of love!!!! We had two mixed bowls @ £5.50/ bowl. Our bowls contained flavoured rice, Kudoori, Salan, Keema, Sabzi, butternut squash and peas with paneer, topped with fresh diced salad of pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and red onion. There are a range of chutneys to try, I had some mint and extra hot to give it a real kick. Needless to say they were devoured!!

The meat is all Halal and lots of Asian people eat there-always a good sign.
Portion size was perfect and the food quality was just how home cooked food should be, not sweet,oily or pretentious. This definitely has to be tried out!! A really good addition to the Belfast ethnic food scene.

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