Folktown Belfast

The Just been to the newest market in Belfast, the Folktown market, Belfast Bank Square, (behind Castlecourt, in front of Mourne Seafood).

The market is open from 11am til 8pm every Thursday.After a few wee teething problems which were ironed out very quickly by an extremely good management team it was all stations go.

There is everything from fresh food, bread, cooked food (paella, burgers, pizzas, crepes, street dogs) coffee, soaps, cheeses, local hand made souvenirs, olives and Mediterranean

fayre to hand made Turkish leather products, oils, head massages, pictures, and fresh meat and eggs. 

Most of these guys are seasoned traders but there are a few newbies. It’s a great spot to eat, meet, great and seat. It’s certainly a great bonus to the Belfast scene for locals and tourists alike. The weather has been kind and already there have been lots of people. So go check it out!!

So what are you waiting for get yourselves down to the newest destination in Belfast!!!

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