Titanic motor show 

I’ve just spent a wonderful morning at the Titanic Slipway at the Business Eye Motor Show. What a great location with the harbour, Samson and Goliath (H&W cranes), Titanic Visitors Centre and the Titanic Studios (Game of Thrones) all surrounding it. 

There is plenty for the petrol heads!!!! The main event is the live auction. City Auctions are auctioning 200 motors, get down and pick up a bargain!!!!

There is food available, two coffee stands  (had a great Latte from Jude’s Estate), plenty of cars to see, my dream cars like Masserati, Ferrari, Jaguar and Land Rover courtesy of Charles Hurst. Also a golf simulator, driving simulator, Segway, T13 BMXing, Randox testing to name but a few. It’s really a commercial day today with the likes of Fleet Simplicity who do cameras, trackers and sat Nav, Europcar who deal in all things car and vehicle hire, car cleaning and D1 minibus training. Tomorrows is the big family day, so do get down for a fun filled and fuelled frolic.

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