Enterconf 1

Data data data. It’s all info from data warehousing, farming, hosting, analytics and security in short all things data or Big Data. 
There are five properties of data which are data covets data, data has mass, data comes in many different shapes and sizes, data wants to be shared and data is a liability it needs governance. 
Connectivity is key, by 2020 there will be 220 billion connected devices. So this will affect everyone now so jump on board. 
Andy Caddy from Virgin Active is very excited about this area. I asked him about data and its use and security that Virgin Active have access to. He assured me they only use limited amounts and it is secure. 
All this talk of data made me hungry so I had a wonderful Halloumi burger from Pheasant Hill Farm. The burger bap contained two grilled slices of Halloumi, pickle, jalapeƱos, onion, tomato and lettuce with BBQ and mustard. It was delicious and filling!! Big shout to Food NI for sourcing the vendors.


Enterconf intro

Hi guys.Welcome to Enterconf at T13. It’s two days of packed IT stuff covering Big Data, start ups, privacy, open data, analytics, payments, the Cloud, business, architecture and open source to name but a few on the opening day!!!
To fuel it all we have Pheasant Hill Farm Kitchen, Javaman coffee, Wolf & Devour, Kremvan coffee and Broughgammon.

Sit back, relax and soak it up!!