Enterconf day 2

Hard hitting straight off the bat by Nell Watson from Singularity. She talked about Intelligent systems, the Virtual Employee/firms, Bitcoins that cannot be traced and has no control, how Artificial Intelligence can run business ie autonomously and DAO or data access object. 
We place more faith in machine not human eg in S Korea there is Virtual AI where one can talk to a digital confidant. This leads to Machine Philosophy. Scary but true. 

Good points are that this tech can be used for human good eg remember the $300,000 burger in 2013? It’s $11 now!! All due to increase in Tech. Other health benefits are the DNA Origami, nano bots and logic gates. This can lead to smaller computers made from quantum dots and genetic engineering viruses to create these ie a virus that prints computer chips. We also see Bacteria that eats sugar to produce nano wires and electricity. This will lead to ubiquitous computing in the body. 
The future is having a biological neuro network (brain) and an Augmented network ie AI,this really is science fiction becoming science fact.
Another really interesting topic here is Cloud Security and Misha Govshteyn from AleryLogic gave a comprehensive overview on this important area which I hasten to add affects all of us as all our emails, web, data is stored remotely!!!
All this tech info made me hungry!! Decision time the keema goat from Broughgammon or pulled pork from Wolf & Devour? 
The Broughgammon Keema Curry won!!! It was absolutely fabulous. Now onto the Internet of Everything!!

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