Giants v Devils, food in the Box

Just had a superb dinner of Moroccan chickpea and butternut squash, roasted turned potatoes, homemade flat bread, herb infused rice, garlic loaf and it was delicious. There was beef stifado for the meat eaters and this was followed by tea/coffee chocolate & hazelnut torte and tartelette au citron.   
 It’s first quarter break, the Giants are down 1 nil. Fantastic atmosphere and great view from the private suite- being spoilt!! Ah well back to the game, come on Giants !!


Day 2

Day 2 I’ve not made much as we were at my mums for lunch and are out at the ice hockey at SSE to watch the Giants (veggie food provided)!! We started the day with a fresh smoothie made with Apple, strawberries, banana and milk. The girls love this as its a great way to get fruit and milk. They do eat plenty of raw fruit and drink loads of milk, but they do enjoy the smoothies. Can substitute milk with yoghurt also. Along with the smoothie we munched on raw almonds. 

For mid morning snack we had toasted pancakes with a bit of butter and I cut some cheddar cheese, baby tomatoes and cucumber-a great way to get the kids eating salad.

We popped in to see my mum and had some Turka daal (spiced lentils) and rice, again a cheap,simple and nutritious meal easy to make and very little cost.
Dropped the little one to her birthday party, took big one to the park- they will work up an appetite and granny will feed them tonight whilst we are at the ice hockey. 
My fridge today.

Day 1 of reduce food waste 

When I was invited to take part in this initiative I was thrilled!! Being a busy dad of two young daughters, a hubby and a blogger I thought this should be fun. Also being a veggie for another few days (includes no eggs) posed an extra dimension!!
Started with dinner last night of vegetable pakora, risotto, home made soup, Moroccan cous cous salad (bought from TESCO) and homemade yoghurt and mint chutney.

This looks and sounds tricky to put together but I did all of this in less than an hour!! This fed 4 of us. I had some greens and veg in my fridge which I cut and cooked then puréed. Whilst this was cooking I made risotto using arborio, mushrooms, leeks and a veggie stock cube. I had Greek yoghurt which I mixed with some mint chutney. I had made pakoras the day before so I did not cook those fresh. I used spinach, potato, onion and spices in a gram flour batter and fried in sunflower oil. Like I said I had a tub of the cous cous.
So there you have it, all the food I used was in my fridge or pantry. All easy to cook and serve up and it went down a treat!!