Day 2

Day 2 I’ve not made much as we were at my mums for lunch and are out at the ice hockey at SSE to watch the Giants (veggie food provided)!! We started the day with a fresh smoothie made with Apple, strawberries, banana and milk. The girls love this as its a great way to get fruit and milk. They do eat plenty of raw fruit and drink loads of milk, but they do enjoy the smoothies. Can substitute milk with yoghurt also. Along with the smoothie we munched on raw almonds. 

For mid morning snack we had toasted pancakes with a bit of butter and I cut some cheddar cheese, baby tomatoes and cucumber-a great way to get the kids eating salad.

We popped in to see my mum and had some Turka daal (spiced lentils) and rice, again a cheap,simple and nutritious meal easy to make and very little cost.
Dropped the little one to her birthday party, took big one to the park- they will work up an appetite and granny will feed them tonight whilst we are at the ice hockey. 
My fridge today.

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