Day 4

So day 4, Monday and raring to got. For brekky we had some leftover porridge from yesterday which my wife thinned with milk and heated up. Freshly cut apply was added and both the children had this,as well as fresh apple. I had coffee and whole meal seeded toast with butter. 
For lunch we had toasted cheese sandwiches with salad from yesterday and freshly made broccoli, potato and carrot soup with ginger,garlic and cumin. There was a bit of lasagne from yesterday which was also eaten. My youngest daughter has lunch at nursery whilst the older one has packed lunch. She had cheese toastie, 5 cherry tomatoes, an orange and a rice cake. To wash it down we all drink water.

For dinner we will be having the veggie parathas from yesterday, fresh chapatis and freshly prepared daal turka accompanied by homemade pickles.
As can be seen we reuse what leftovers we have and add some freshly made food as required.
Having a well balanced diet is very important but equally important is to have plenty of water to drink, exercise, fresh air and plenty of sleep!! We would supplement our diets with multi vitamins and minerals but a word of advice,these are not substitutes for a balanced diet.
Pic of dry food store

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