Day 5

Just sat down with a cup of tea after another fine day, the penultimate day of the challenge. The big finale is tomorrow!!
For breakfast it was apples and bananas with weetabix for the girls and fresh porridge with honey and seeds with s cuppa. My 7 year old had pancakes for lunch with cheese and tomato. We had mixed vegetable and brown rice wraps cooked in a panini press with salad. The mix veg consisted of spinach, red peppers, baby sweet corn, broccoli, onion, garlic, cheese with some left over tomato sauce. The brown rice was mixed with the veg, placed in the wraps, folded and cooked in the panini. This was served with the leftover soup. The salad was rocket lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots and peppers.
Dinner was a light one of daal turka, brown rice with mixed veg and some tomato, cucumber and olives. Followed by a cup of tea!!

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