Day 6 main event

I prepared the sauce earlier using olive oil to sautee a finely chopped red onion, two cloves of garlic, broccoli and carrot (all from my fridge/dry store), before adding tomato purée, a tablespoon of pesto and the remains of the Dolmio sauce. This is simmered with chopped olives and water for 20 minutes before adding soft cheese with herb and garlic. I then semi blitzed with hand blender.

The filled pasta (spinach and ricotta tortellini) I cooked in a wok in boiling water for 2 minutes before draining and adding to the heated sauce. The pitta bread I toasted in the toaster and spread fresh garlic butter before serving. The chopped/grated salad of leek,radish,carrot,celery,cheese  and cucumber was served beside the pasta.

Tasting time proved decisive as all four of our plates were scraped clean!!

This was a superb way to:

  • Get kids and us to eat a wide variety of veggie food
  • Reuse leftovers in lots of different ways
  • Come up with different recipes and ideas
  • Plan our weekly menu
  • Plan our shopping
  • Have fun with food!!!

Thank you for the opportunity and you can all do it. Ps from tomorrow we can eat meat, fish, poultry and eggs. Did we miss it, no, but kids did!!!

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