Healthy food leaflet

This leaflet produced by the Public Health Agency is the best leaflet I have seen regarding kids food ever!!!! Well done and thank you for printing in black and white what I have been advocating for ages. Please everyone take on board,although primarily aimed at pre school kids, the principles can be applied to us all!!!    

The biggest food wake up call

Dear friends
I’ve been blogging about healthy eating for a while. We get bombarded by contradicting stories, over hyped advertising, far too much choice and mind boggling info on packaging.
I’ve been saying we need more education from family, school, peers, supermarkets, manufacturers and governments. There needs to be a back to basics drive when it comes to food preparation and cooking and this starts at home. The bigger retailers have a duty of care to their customers in not selling harmful foods, marketed inappropriately. We as a society need to take more responsibility with our food and drink intake. 
Please read below:

My healthy family are eating the same as 215 Krispy Kremes every WEEK