Live lagom

Live Lagom
I’ve embarked upon this journey today, along with seven other people to lead a more Sustainable life style. The Swedish firm IKEA call this Lagom ar bast (the right amount is best). 
The programme starts in January and runs til May 2016. We have to change aspects of our lifestyle to improve our sustainable lifestyle.
I’d like to share a few facts from the Belfast IKEA store:
.IKEA donates €1 to kids charities for all toys sold
.All rainwater harvested is for toilets stored in tanks under disabled car park

.Heating and water heating done by giant wood chip boiler/burner 

.Ridges on water bottles enable squashing and hence space saving

.Integrated dishwasher uses 7.5 litre of water for 15 place settings

.swipe family card and IKEA will plant a tree in Carnmoney forest (via seeds planted by school kids-currently 50,000 saplings!!)

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