Bulletproof burger

I was invited along to the opening of Bulletproof Burger last night (Wednesday 18th Nov), to a different burger bar experience in Belfast. This is the brainchild of the Byrne bros, Edmund and Ronan, who hail from County Down, via USA, Australia, Ireland and the U.K.
It is situated upstairs in a rejuvenated ex clothes shop in Ann Street, an up and coming street. Find it if you dare!!!!
The PR and marketing is great. It’s proper “in yer face” stopping short of being rude. As I approached the entrance I was cast back to graffiti clad underground railway stationesque surrounds, which was exactly the image that Eddie wanted to purvey. It’s red and fiery inside and the succinct menu (4 burgers, fries, drinks) can fit on the back of a business card-wow, amazing. 
I got to try the Angry fries and the veggie burger. The Angry fries were served on grease proof paper in an oval plastic platter ala USA style, smothered in a tangy, hot sauce which was Siracha based and concocted to perfection. The veggie burger was the best I’ve ever tasted, as you know I don’t eat beef, but my fellow accomplices assured me that the beef patties (made from 3 cuts of County Down stock with no added salt/pepper) made for fantastic burgers. The veggie burger was freshly made on site, using choice veggies and coated in polenta-no eggs, so ticks all boxes, it was crispy outside and pretty thick. It was served in the best burger bun I’ve tasted (try and find the video of the bun- check my FB) with salad and home made sauce. The veggie burger and chicken burger can be availed in the “secret menu” just ask!!!!
The restaurant is 1st floor, but the guys have shown their commitment to Belfast by buying the whole building. The ground floor is a coffee shop in which you can order and consume the burgers (there is no disabled access yet to the 1st floor restaurant), the restaurant will seat 50-60 people and employs 40 staff. 
All in all the boys from Co Down have chosen Belfast as their base over The US, Australia, Ireland and the U.K. so I would defo back them and wish them all the best. Pop in and try yourself!!!

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