Santas grotto at Hillmount

Santas Grotto at Hillmount
I was invited along to visit Santas Grotto and trail at Hillmount Nursery with my wee girls. This was my first time at the garden centre and I can’t believe I’ve never been here before. It’s celebrating 75 years and We were well looked after by Robin and son Alan Mercer (3rd and 4th generation owners respectively).
The Santa statues are pink in colour but the real one was in red!! The actual trail features a bit of interaction. There are ten very well laid out and decorated Christmas themed scenes/displays before pictures and pressies from the main man Santa himself. There are a series of questions to answer and the winner gets a prize. After exiting Santas grotto there is an area where there are goats, donkeys and reindeer. There’s a straw play area for the kids. My two certainly enjoyed the whole experience. 
We then had some wonderful food consisting of chicken, ham and cheese panini, baked potato with Bbq chicken (both served with salad), a side of bacon and potato salad and a choccy rice crispie tray bake.

The kids had a goodie bag of juice and Haribo. Food was delicious and well priced (all for under £20). 
If you get the opportunity do pay a visit!!

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