Lynas Food Oulet Belfast

EJ Cousins showed my two daughters and I around this hidden jewel earlier today. EJ made it down from Portstewart today and she battled through the snow and ice to meet us at 11.30, for which we were very greatful!!!
She explained that this Lynas Outlet store is fully functional, catering for the catering trade in all shapes and forms and is open to the public. It opened in March 2015 and is the third in the Province after Coleraine and Londonderry. They have ambitious plans for expansion and are always keen to try new products and do cookery demos. Chef Russell is the resident chef in Belfast. 
I was pleasantly surprised at the range, prices and pricing structure. It’s good to see final price displayed inclusive of VAT!!

There is a reasonable selection of goods with an emphasis on local produce. 
I was able to come away with a selection of produce which I shall certainly use and blog about!!
For starters I got a tray of 20 fresh chicken breasts (£16), 10 frozen salmon fillets (£22), bag of frozen cooked prawns (£24, premium brand), 1 kg of local Pork loin, soy sauce, ketchup, Tabasco sauce and fish and chip shop condiment. A big thank you to EJ and Lynas, we shall certainly be busy for the next wee while cooking and blogging!! I’ve downsized everything and frozen it all. My wife will be especially happy as she is embarking upon the Forever Living cleanse 9 programme and will be living on chicken, salmon and prawns!!


2 thoughts on “Lynas Food Oulet Belfast

  1. belshade

    20 fresh chicken breasts for L16 -pretty good that – would cost three times as much in NZ! But we won’t be catching the next plane back to Ireland – noticed that comment on the snow and ice. Today was our warmest yet this summer – 27` I think. Lived a few years in Portstewart before coming here. Had a blizzard the day after we arrived there. Do you ever get tired of food, since it is your bread and butter so to speak? Des.


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