Friday Fish

In keeping with the traditional fish on Friday I decided to make some fish…… With a difference!!!

The fish in question was Vietnamese cobbler, which is a white fish. I diced the fillets (4) and marinaded half in creamy pesto and the other half in tandoori masala. The mash I made with Comber spuds, cream and Samphire (a salty green sea vegetable from Israel). I also made a spinach,basil and tomato accompaniment. 

The result was gobbled up by my 3 and 7 year old daughters and myself of course. Amazing what can be done to add a twist to fish and spuds!!!


Launch of Latitude 

I was kindly invited to the opening of Latitude, the new Fusion Restaurant in Stranmillis Road. It was formally Lolita Restaurant and this new incarnation is courtesy of Akhil Tandon and Amit Rekhi. The two lads have really done well with the decour and the amazing menu.
The evening started off with a champagne reception before our starter was served. This was a selection of morsels to tantalise the taste buds. The shot of soup worked well with the Pork belly cube!!!
For main course there was a choice of chicken, mash, peas, cress and carrot served on pepper sauce or spiced Tandoori red snapper with coconut rice, raita and cucumber. I tasted both and both were amazing, but the snapper just edged it for me. There was also wine to accompany the meal.
There was entertainment in the form of the singer/musician Anton Glackin who gave us s few tunes. The evening ended around 10pm and I was given a tour of the private function room also, which can be hired out for private events.
I have a great feeling about this place…. So go on and check it out!!!

Creamy Salmon Penne

My two wee girlies wanted pasta tonight, so I had to oblige. I defrosted a couple of salmon steaks from Lynas, this morning. At about 5 pm I boiled two handfuls of brown penne pasta in boiling water, sun dried tomato oil and Himalaya rock salt for 15 minutes. Whilst this was boiling I made the salmon sauce. First I heated my pan before adding a tablespoon of oil, then a handful of chopped basil, spinach and rocket. This was followed by the chopped salmon steaks, about 10 diced cherry tomatoes and a wed jar of tomato pesto. To finish I added a wee jar of cream and the cooked drained penne. Kids and I loved it, will u guys?


The future of our food

Today there is a conference being held in the future of our food. Details (supplied by FSA) are below. Please look,read and talk about it…….



People in the UK and Northern Ireland worry that convenience eating could cause them to lose a connection with the food they eat, research published today by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) suggests.

Participants in the study were concerned that the growing trends of convenience foods, on-line grocery shopping, and “eating on the go” could decrease the social and cultural importance of sharing meals. They worry about a loss of connection with where our food comes from, and with each other, as we cook and eat together less as families and communities.

This is one of a number of findings from a public dialogue commissioned by the FSA to explore “Our Food Future”, a study to help understand how changes to the food system might impact on consumers in the UK. Our Food Future aims to bring the consumer voice into the debate about the future of the food system and collect important evidence to inform future policy, working in partnership with other policy makers, industry, and retailers.

The study was commissioned by the FSA, Food Standards Scotland, and Sciencewise and carried out by social research agency TNS BMRB.

Steve Wearne, Director of Policy at the Food Standards Agency, said:

“The food supply chain is increasingly complex and already under pressure from a growing world population. It’s the FSA’s role to understand how this affects the interests of consumers and engage with people about how the food system should be shaped for the future.

“We’ve said in our strategy that we are committed to open policy making and we are keen to invite input from everyone with a stake in the food system, including from those who buy and eat food. We want to identify and solve problems to deliver the best food future for us all. Our policies in this area, and those of others, are still being shaped and Our Food Future will have a crucial input into that.”

Other key findings from the research show:

• Increased clarity on food labels has been widely welcomed by consumers, with many hoping the food industry will provide more information on a wider range of food issues;

• Consumers are concerned that access to healthy and nutritious food could be become a luxury as pricing prompts people to buy cheaper, processed food;

• Participants hope that Government and regulators will play a more visible role in the future of food, to ensure that their interests are protected in a more complex world.

The Our Food Future summit is being held today, Thursday 18 February, and will bring together two hundred experts to discuss what the impact of changes to the global food system could be and what we all can do to get the best outcome for people in the UK. The event will be broadcast live through the FSA website link here:

The study comprised several parts – an online quantitative survey of 1,383 UK participants, an online qualitative forum with 22 participants, and a deliberative public dialogue in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast, with each participant engaging in two workshops in their nearest location. Participants considered several future scenarios and expressed their hopes, fears and aspirations for the future of food.

For more information visit: or follow the conversation on social media @FSAinNI #OurFoodFuture and

Happy Valentines 

Hi all first of all Happy Valentines for Sunday!!!!! What are you all doing?
Been asked to share this:
Almost half of Northern Irish diners use the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme to choose where to eat out.
 Wednesday 10th February: As we gear up for Valentine’s Day and thousands of us across Northern Ireland hurry to make those last minute dinner reservations, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in Northern Ireland is encouraging those who haven’t already checked the restaurants’ hygiene ratings, to do so ahead of 14th February.
 The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) is designed to help you make informed choices about where to eat out, by showing, at a glance, the standards of hygiene in food premises. With almost 1900* reported cases of food poisoning in NI in 2015, it’s really important that consumers become more discerning when it comes to the food they are eating.
 Recent research conducted on behalf of the FSA, delved into the eating out habits of NI consumers. The results showed that people in NI are becoming increasingly aware of the cleanliness and hygiene of the restaurants and cafes they’re eating in and using the food hygiene as part of their decision making process. The results were as follows:
 · Almost two-thirds (65%) of NI people surveyed are aware of the FHRS, of which 53% said seeing the green and black sticker influenced their decision to dine in a certain establishment.
· 40% of NI diners are using FHRS to decide where to eat out.
· Over a half of those surveyed said that cleanliness and hygiene were most important when considering where to eat out (60%).
· 84% of NI consumers look for the green and black sticker when dining out.
· Almost 100% of people said that food businesses in NI should have to display their Food Hygiene Rating for the public to see (97%).
· 9 in 10 people believe that those food businesses not displaying don’t because of poor hygiene alone.
Garreth Wilson, Head Chef of Fitzers catering at the Titanic Belfast, said, “Without the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme how do our customers know the cleanliness and hygiene of our staff, our kitchen and ultimately our food? Using and displaying the green and black sticker shows them that we have confidence in our standards and that they should too.
 “Not only does it reassure our customers, but it’s a great tool to market your business to new customers, after all, there’s no better selling point than putting our customers interests first”.
 Head of Local Authority, Policy and Delivery at the FSA in NI, Michael Jackson, commented, “Since the scheme was introduced in NI in 2011, the number of businesses voluntarily displaying their rating sticker has surprisingly remained relatively low.
 “But with the statutory scheme coming into effect later this year, all businesses will have to display their rating by law and we hope that businesses will use their rating to help boost trade and give consumers the confidence to eat in their establishment. With over three-quarters of NI consumers looking for the green and black sticker, it will soon be even easier to spot.”
 Ahead of the introduction of the statutory scheme, district councils will be working with businesses to help those with a rating of less than 5, improve their level of compliance and to provide new ratings where appropriate.
 For more information on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme visit: or for further updates from the FSA in NI join their conversations at or Twitter @FSAinNI.
 *Public Health Agency, 2015

The Chilly Oil

Hi guys gone back to basics and created The Best Chilly Oil ever. I’m calling it Ravand Ras (translated as the Devils juice) or Shetan Sherbet (Devils juice for my Muslim fans). This is serious biohazard stuff!!!! Have you seen a grown man cry,sweat and steam from all orifices, all at the same time?!?! I did-not a pretty sight!!!

It’s unveiled below:

Ps if u want some/want to know recipe contact me. I used a teaspoon when I cooked these Polish Sausages from TESCO-still suffering!!!


Dinner at mine

If you came for dinner at mine today, I would feed you chicken kofta, salad, basmati rice balls, mango chutney, coconut chutney, lemon-ginger-chilli Achaar, carrot and cauliflower Achaar, daal turka and makhani sauce. Must say it was Ab Fab, wanna try?????

Launch of new menu

My two daughters, wife and I attended a special event last night- the launch of the new menu. I must say the four of us loved the dishes immensely. Service was first class and food was the best Mexican I’ve had for ages- very authentic, tasty, good portion sizes and tasted superb. Thoroughly recommended!!!!! My 3 and 7 year old girls said, and I quote, “this was amazing!!!!”
Now I can remember eating at Chiquito in Newastle Upon Tyne whilst at Uni in 1991. Then it was a revelation for a student- all you can eat buffet for £4.99!!!! The food then was tasty but not that authentic. Fast forward to today and I can honestly say that the quality of food has to be as authentic as you can get (I know as I’ve been to Mexico!!).

We were invited to try the dishes by the manager and it was complimentary. We as a family really enjoyed it, pity our tummies filled up too quickly!!!!

Dishes we tried included empanadas, sweet chorizo croquettes, mini classic burrito, patatas bravas, pan fried chorizo, halloumi bites (my favourite), fiesta salad, whipped feta and honey and meatballs (we didn’t try as are beef- but others in group said were great!!). These were from the Valentines menu. 

Other dishes we had/ were offered included Mexican garlic bread with cheese (my daughters favourite), pina colada prawns (my wife’s favourite), Hero burger (looked great and other diners said tasted great, we didn’t have as were beef), Bbq chicken flatbread, veggie flatbread, southern fried chicken with Pork (another fave of mine), tacos, burritos, fajitas (chicken we had,beef we didn’t) and baked infused sea bass (my wife’s favourite). The aforementioned Valentines food is on main menu as street food/tapas. In all honesty it was all amazing, pity tummies filled up too quickly. 

We will defo be back (we did receive a goody bag with habanero sauce and vouchers!!). I would definitely and wholeheartedly recommend Chiquito.


Happy new year

Gong Xi Fa CaiHappy New Year of the Monkey in Chinese. I thought I would celebrate by cooking Prawn and Mushroom noodles. I started by wok frying noodles in sesame oil, then added chopped spring onions and whole baby mushrooms, before seasoning with soy sauce and adding cooked prawns. Prawns and soy sauce from Lynas foods. 5 minutes cooking, tastes amazing, enough to feed me and my daughter B4 school!!!!