Kestrel Street Foods

I was sent some samples by Kestrel Foods, a Northern Irish based company who will be supplying a major supermarket, of a range of snacks under the banner of “Street Foods”.

I really like them as snacks but they can also be used as ingredients in cooking. Clockwise from top left is:

  • Sri Lanka Kandy Mix (raisins, pineapple, coconut, almond and cashews)
  • Kerala Cashew and Coconut Spice (cashews, rice crackers, coconut and sesame sticks)
  • Louisiana Hickory Barbeque (almonds, green peas, sesame sticks)-my favourite
  • Koh Samui Thai Spice (almonds, cashews, pineapple and coconut)
  • Ir De Tapas (broad beans, peas, corn, almonds and peanuts)

My favourite was the Louisiana followed by Kerala, Sri Lanka, Koh Samui and Tapas, but really they are all great. 

  They are moorish and I reckon could b finished off in one go!!! Challenge is on!!!!!
The weight and nutrition values are below:

Which one will be your favourite?

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