Dine around Deanes

Michael Deane has really got a winner with Dine Around Deanes. This started off during Belfast Restaurant Week in 2013 and is still going strong. Indeed the rest of the dates,up to June end (every Friday from 6-10pm) have sold out!

My partner and I were very fortunate to be invited along to enjoy the experience (the cost per person is £70). A red double decker bus was our mode of transport. We met at Deane and Decano in the fashionable Lisburn Road. This is Michael doing Italian and as such we were treated to Prosecco and Piattini. Piattini quite literally means small plates and we were served up three. One was Pork sausage cooked in a chilli tomato sauce, two was mini conchiglie in pesto and three was a side salad. The sausage was meaty and had a kick to it, pesto was delicious and the pasta was al debate and the salad cooled it all down-an excellent start.Eric and his team really looked after us (there was about 35 people on the tour). Next stop The University quarter.

Deanes at Queens was stop number two and here we were treated to a Cosmopolitan on arrival before being shown how to make them and a couple of the group actually had their Tom Cruise moment and made their own!! 

 Sean and his team made us all feel very welcome and were polite and were always there on hand topping up water and drinks. Chris Fearon prepared a wonderful starter of Rancini which was extremely tasty and left us all wanting more. It’s easy to see why Chris is a regular in The Great British Menu.

Our third stop is the Flagship and Iconic Deanes on Howard Street. This was Michael’s original restaurant (I had my 30th birthday here-many moons ago) and has now morphed into EIPIC, Deanes Meat Locker and Deanes Love Fish.

Viva and her team treated us royally and were on hand with Chez Deaneo wines and drinks. The main course here was roast chicken with potato and root vegetables. The chicken was tender and juicy, potato was buttery and vegetables were crunchy with a hint of honey. A lovely main.

Our last stop was for dessert and this was Deanes Deli Vin Cafe. Here Mark and his team served up Chocolate cheesecake and orange sorbet. There was also a very talented young lady playing the guitar and singing. 

We all had a great night and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michael and staff for a great night. If you get a chance I would thoroughly recommend this tour.

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