Vote for McCoys crisps


AS election fever grips the nation, a brand new ‘party’ is hitting the streets of Northern Ireland to canvass for those all-important votes.

 The party in question is the ‘Flavour Party’ and the only vote they’re interested in is one for your favourite flavour of McCoy’s Crisps, Northern Ireland’s number one selling ridged crisp.

 As part of the brand’s new ‘When Flavour Calls’ campaign, Flavour Party candidates will be calling at homes, offices and shopping centres in the run-up to the May 5 election to canvass for votes and add a little ‘flavour’ to the electoral proceedings.

 Flavour Party election campaign manager Ricky Watts of KP Snacks (NI) explained his party’s manifesto.

 “McCoy’s might be the number one ridged crisp in Northern Ireland but that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels,” said Watts.

 “Our manifesto is clear and simple – we promise to deliver a fresher tastier crisp with stronger bolder flavours and a new crunchier texture. And we’ve invested £1m to make sure that these aren’t empty promises. In fact the only thing that will be empty is your McCoy’s crisp packet after you’ve scoffed its scrumptious contents! 

 “Furthermore, the only cuts that the Flavour Party will be making are thick cuts – with the launch of our new McCoy’s Thick Cut range.   

 “When it comes to crisps, we want the NI public to continue voting for McCoy’s as their favourite, just as they have done for many years,” concluded Mr Watts.

 Across the UK, McCoy’s Crisps are consumed by more than a third of households and one pack is eaten every 15 seconds. In Northern Ireland, the popular brand enjoys 100% distribution across 350 symbol stores locally for its top three flavours Flame Grilled Steak, Salt and Malt Vinegar and Cheddar and Onion. 

 The ‘When Flavour Calls’ campaign will be supported in Northern Ireland by a range of bespoke activities including the annual McCoy’s NI Pub Quiz, the search to find Northern Ireland’s brainiest pub quiz team.

Crisp lovers will also have a chance to win some tasty prizes on the McCoy’s NI Facebook page ( by voting for their favourite flavour.