What’s your favourite sandwich?

10 reasons why we love sarnies

This week is British Sandwich Week (8 to 14 May) and we in the UK absolutely love sarnies. We spent £7.85bn on them last year and http://www.lovesarnies.com has compiled the 10 biggest reasons why we all love the ultimate food to go – the sandwich.

1. Convenience – It is the easiest thing in the world to buy for lunch. Independent shops, cafés, and supermarkets – everyone, it seems, sells sandwiches.

2. Content – Whatever you want to eat, whatever style of cuisine, flavours, meat/veggie, and diary/vegan – you name it there’s a sandwich to suit.

3. Portion size – the classic wedge sandwich pack is ideal for a busy lunch, a sub or baguette great for larger appetites – there’s always one to suit you.

4. Fibre – Bread has fibre, vegetables, too and it all helps our digestive health. Better digestion means better absorption of all the other nutrients, too.

5. Nutrients – while we’re on the topic, are packed in with salad ingredients etc. Be honest, you’d leave a side salad but we tend to eat it inside a sandwich!

6. Lifestyle – whatever your goals there’s a sandwich for you. Supermarkets alone sell over 150 different varieties – plus seasonal specials and then there’s the independent sandwich shops where you build your own.

7. Price – the average UK sandwich costs just £2.25 – just great value.

8. Cake – yes, why not? When we buy something to accompany our sarnies, 2 in 5 of us choose cake!

9. Bread – It’s the new coffee – everyone now has their favourite. Focaccia, baguette, barm, cob, panini, wrap, pitta or a good old doorstep!

10. It’s a great British invention – yes, last but by no means least we love sarnies because it’s our gift to global cuisine. And it woven into our culinary DNA!


Notes to Editors


1. A portable balanced meal – a sandwich is a complete meal and generally contains protein, carbohydrate and is part of your 5 a day

2. UK consumers spend in excess of £7,850,000,000 per annum on pre-made sandwiches. A huge boost to the UK economy. We buy 3,550,000,000 sandwiches per annum – an average price around £2.21

3. The first sandwich – in name at least – was created by the first Earl of Sandwich in 1762. He called for cuts of beef to be placed between toasted slices of bread so that he could continue gambling while he ate. At least it was the first toastie.

4. Chicken is the most popular filling for sandwiches bought in the UK, with 33.7% of sandwiches containing the meat.

5. British Sandwich Week 2016 will be held from Sunday 8th May until Saturday 14th May

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