Weber BBQ Demo Hillmount

Weber BBQ demo at HillmountI went along to Hillmount Garden Centre to take part in a fabulous Weber BBQ demonstration. After pulled pork in brioche with a cabbage salad and coleslaw and drinks, Robin Mercer welcomed us all and introduced us to our Weber BBQ Chef Jamie. Jamie was in charge of 4 BBQ systems- a mixture of gas and charcoal. He used many different accessories such as a pizza stone, wok, waffle maker, rotisserie basket, rotisserie, fuel holders, utensils, thermometers, brushes, chimney starter, charcoal briquettes, fire lighters to name but a few!! Some of these form part of the Gourmet BBQ System (GBS).

Jamie started off by explaining the difference between direct (over the coals/burner) and indirect (separate from flames-using hot circulating air with lid on) methods. To start the charcoal BBQ he suggested using 3 fire lighters (odourless) and then using a 2kg bag in a chimney starter, filling a third to get 180oC, 2/3 full for 240oC and full to get 280oC heat. The hot lit coals were then placed in the char baskets. It’s interesting to note that 2/3 of people use charcoal and 1/3 use gas with small numbers using electric.

Jamie cooked Roast duck for approximately 2 ½ hours on low heat after scoring skin and adding garlic, rosemary, thyme and lemon zest. Very important to make sure the meat has a minimum temperature of 75oC using a thermometer and also to let meat rest as there is residual heat which carries on cooking the meat. He made rotisseried potatoes (par boiled for 10 min) with tomatoes, olives, garlic and rosemary. This was cooked in an electric rotisserie for 10 minutes. The duck turned out crispy and potatoes nice and fluffy!!

For dessert there was peanut butter cake baked on a hot (250oC) pizza stone again for 10 minutes (indirect) and waffles made in a cast iron waffle maker (direct). These were delicious and moist.

Burgers are always a favourite and here Jamie did beef burgers using 80% meat 20% fat and he seasoned the outside only. He formed the burgers using a burger press and cooked for 3 minutes each side. He served these with cheese and relish in brioche- 3 lucky winners got to have them and said they were delicious.

Then there were a duo of 20 minute meals prepared, although they took less time to cook. First was char sui with Singapore noodles. Pork loin was marinated in a red sticky marinade before being placed onto the grill which was sprayed with oil and water to prevent sticking. The noodles were vermicelli and this was cooked in the wok with oil first then vegetables then the paste (curry powder, turmeric, fish and soy sauce and rice wine vinegar), before adding stock, egg and noodles. Pork removed and rested and sliced and placed on top. Second was a steak served on top of herbs, fennel, onions, courgette and corn.

A very enjoyable and interactive evening of watching, listening, smelling, learning and tasting!!



9 thoughts on “Weber BBQ Demo Hillmount

  1. MW

    This was a great evening which unfortunately was marred by the 2 young children in the front row who talked the whole way through and distracted both the audience and the chef. Not a suitable event for them and disrespectful to those who had paid for tickets.


  2. Matthew

    I’m over in Belfast from Australia, any recommendation for butchers who sell beef short ribs, pork “Boston butt” & other low/slow meats; keen to BBQ on NYE


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