Egyptian food at Sophia

A group of us had a feast of Egyptian/Middle Eastern food at Sophia this evening. The venue was Sophia (ex Ben Brasil and Ruba Spice). The menu was a mixed starter of stuffed vine leaves, falafel, Baba ganoush, humous, mayo, salad and cheese samosa with flat bread. 

There was then a couple of exotic belly dances before an amazing main course platter of grilled chicken and aubergines on a bed of rice and vermicelli,salad and stuffed peppers. The others had some beef sheesh kebab. The food was fantastic, the whole style of sharing really made the evening…. shame I had to leave to go pick up the kids!!!! Missed the dessert and Shisha!!

Defo will be back to sample more authentic Egyptian cuisine.

Great green peas

I tried some delicious snack food green peas today. They are flavoured coated green peas, and are from Forest Feast, a local (Portadown) based snack food company.

There are three different flavours being Smokin’ BBQ , Hot & Sour Sriracha and Spicy Chilli Lime. My favourite was the Sriracha-nice and spicy, my two daughters loved the BBQ and my wife loved the Chilli lime. So you can see there’s something to please everyone!!! Will be in the shops soon. Available in 40g bags. Will cost 89p and available from multiple outlets in the summer.