Trip to Ikea

Love IKEA……. Took my 7 year old daughter here for a treat
and yes she loves Ikea. She wanted ice cream and a hot dog.We saw the newly refurbished and very comfy restaurant which I will try soon!!
After our meeting with Moira to catch up on the Live Lagom project (which I missed) I received loads of stuff for my terrarium. I got a big glass jar, round stones, activated charcoal, dehydrated soil, decorated stones and two plants. 

We then saw the hydroponic section which is the newest range IKEA are doing. This involves growing plants etc from seeds using wool, water, pumice, light and feed….and no soil- have to get one!!

Then it was off to the bistro.  My daughter wanted frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream. So we had a hot dog each and she was chuffed with her yoghurt and I was over the moon about my terrarium!!!

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