Middle Eastern Cuisine in Belfast

Belfast has become very international in its cuisine, from Indian to Chinese, French to Italian, American to South African to name but a few. The latest region to be represented is the Middle East. I can count at least three and one which 20 or so of us tried this evening was Falafel in the University Quarter in Belfast.

To start with I opted for a refreshing strawberry and banana smoothie. This was not too thick or sweet and was delicious. For main course I chose the lamb shwarma plate and Baba ganoush. The lamb was grilled pieces served with flat bread, salad and houmous. Baba ganoush is a smoked puréed aubergine accompaniment. The lamb was grilled and spiced perfectly and went very well with the salad bread and garlic mayo. The Baba ganoush was a great accompaniment. 

Dessert was a piece of freshly made baklava and washed down with a caramel macchiato. This is a great restaurant and coffee shop. One can come and have a cuppa or have a Middle Eastern Feast. The menu was so inviting that I shall definitely come back and try more dishes.

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