Daughters birthday dinner

Last night my wife and I took our two girls out for dinner to celebrate my eldest daughters 8th birthday. The venue was Buskers, which used to be Beatrice Kennedys. Jim, the owner/chef, took over the reigns of BK and rebranded as Buskers in November 2015. The theme is music and Jim wants it to be a live music venue….you never know he may even play a tune as he can play the banjo well!!

The decor is vintage/retro and I must say it looks fantastic-love the murals and lighting and it really is a great concept. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinners!!

The menu itself is contained on a single card, again a big plus and it’s not too extensive. Jim has really put effort into selecting a very appealing selection. We had drinks first (large sparkling water, ginger beer and a vanilla shake split into two for the girls). Whilst we looked at the menu the girls coloured in on the kiddies menu. We picked chowder and tomato and basil soup, whilst the girls had bangers sausage and mash and fresh chicken nuggets and skinny fries. The chowder was great- loved the mussels and crab claws and the soup was creamy and had the basil (in oil) on top. The freshly baked wheaten was so light and fluffy and was just like a muffin!! The chicken nuggets were the best we’ve had anywhere-freshly cut chicken breast coated in Panko breadcrumbs and the 4 pieces were big and juicy. Kids loved them.

For mains my wife had the mushroom tagliatelle with garlic baguette and I had the Thai chicken and prawn curry with rice. The tagliatelle was cooked very well and the dish was big and filling and tasted great. The Thai curry had a twist ie it had small cubes of pineapple, sweet potato and tomato, which is a great touch by Jim on a lovely dish. There were 5 meaty prawns and plenty of chicken. I would have like a touch more seasoning which would have really enhanced my curry.

The service was absolutely fantastic-Kerry and Kevin were amazing!! I’ve been to Beatrice Kennedy in the past and was bowled over by the quality and it’s great to see that it’s been maintained in Buskers. Definitely worth a visit. 

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