My Fusion Wrap

My wife and I made dinner for the girls and my cousin last night. We put together a real United Nations Fusion Wrap. 

Ok from clockwise from bottom left an Italian cherry tomato and cucumber salad, boiled  Indian Basmati rice, grated Irish cheddar,Punjabi (North Indian) Spiced potatoes, freshly made Mexican Guacamole, Chinese stir fry pepper, celery and carrot batons, Keralan (South Indian) chicken, seeded whole meal wrap and diced red onion.

This was all layered and built up on the wrap and freshly chopped Chillies placed on top before closing and toasted in the panini maker. The chicken, rice, potatoes and veg were warmed through before assembly. They looked like below:

They tasted fabulous, so easy to make and they were well put away. If you want the recipe of the chicken,stir fry,potatoes or guacamole please get in touch, Twitter @belfastfoodman            Em: 

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