Amazing Punjabi Wedding food

We attended a fantastic family friends wedding and reception yesterday in Bradford. I could talk at length about the lovely ceremony, the clothes, the venues and the entertainment but I would be writing for hours….so I’m concentrating on the food. This was traditional Punjabi (North Indian) food.

On arrival at the venue we were treated to refreshing fresh fruit juices and mango or strawberry lassi. I opted for lassi and it was sweet, creamy and went down well. There was a fruit station and traditional street snacks called gol guppa. These are spherical puffed fried flour balls which are hollow and contain mini cubes of cold spiced potato and chick peas. The idea is that you add a shot of the liquid (pani-spiced tangy water) into the ball and consume whole. Takes a bit of practice but is so worth it!!!

For starters there were bowls/platters served to our table and accompanied by chutneys and salad. It was all very sociable and everyone helped themselves. Vegetarian selection was chilli and garlic paneer, palak (spinach) rolls and Polti samosa (like a dumpling). The non veg option was chicken tikka, fish massala and gloati kebab (lamb). We filled our plates and bellies and then had a great dance!!!!

For mains it was buffet service and the veggie options were tarka  daal and aubergines, for the non veg there was chicken masala and Karahi lamb. To go with it was rice, nan and raita. I had a bit of everything and all was very good but my favourite was the lamb!!

The dessert was different- chocolate cake, ice cream, gulab jaman, cheese cake and chocolate samosas, yes you read right chocolate samosas and they were soooo good!! 

Back on the dance floor to burn it off and then it was homesky! The venue, Cedar Court Hotel is well versed in Indian weddings-my wife and I got married here and had our reception in this very room 11 years ago on 10th July 2005!! The caterers then were the same ones as now,Apna Khana and their food then was just as tasty!! Looking forward to attending another one soon!!

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