Tea and Biscuits

I was just about to go to the shops when a courier driver rang the bell and presented me with this:

A lovely, well dressed package, containing a pack of award winning Punjana tea, a couple of cups, some TESCO Finest biscuits and some info about the tea awards (which I’ve previously blogged).

Punjana Tea is 60 years old this year and the name came from “Punjab” in India and “Ana” which was contained in the name of a lot of tea plantations, hence “PunjAna”. I can still remember the distinct caption “pick Punjana tea, pick Punjana tea”. It is my favourite brand of tea……thank you Thompson family. Now anyone for a cuppa?

My fish pie

My wife bought this pack of short crust pastry from TESCO (note it was “light”). She wanted me to make a fish pie. So what I did was defrosted a pack of smoked mackerel (300g), and 200g of cooked prawns. Whilst this was going on I heated a tablespoon of coconut oil in a heavy pan. To this I added two finely diced carrots, potatoes, one courgette, one diced onion and three cloves of garlic. I sweated this off until it picked up a nice caremalised colour. I added 200 ml of water-stock can be used. I seasoned with salt and pepper and basil. Then added 250ml of cream. The mixture was cooled and was then put into an oven dish and I rolled the pastry over it. This was milk washed and a vent was placed in middle. Point of note I doubled over the excess pastry which on reflection should not have done. This was then popped into a pre heated oven and cooked for 25 minutes at 180 oC and I rotated it once. Et voila my fish pie was ready to feed four. It tasted great!!