Titanic Experience Belfast

A year ago today my wee  sis got married on levels 5&6 at this wonderful complex-happy 1st anniversary sis and bro-I-law!!!

As an homage to the occasion I thought I’d post about a visit my wife and I made to the Titanic Visitor Attraction last week. As can be seen from above and below pictures the Titanic Building is a true icon in the developing Titanic Quarter. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of touring the area by foot, Segway, river and bus, to name but a few and the area has a deep and rich heritage.

When we entered the building the foyer was very busy and there was a great buzz about the place. There’s a shop, restaurant, info points, ticket booths and picture booths which were all busy. The underground car parking is accessed from here and Jackie guards the elevator up to the 5th and 6th floor. Afternoon tea is available here and the chance to get a photo on the replica Titanic staircase. Have had the tea and the picture before, as well as attended official dinners, seminars and of course my sisters wedding!! It truly is amazing.

Without giving too much away, as you really need to see it yourself, I will give an overview. The main exhibits are on floors 1-4. The story starts with a history of Belfast and its position in the UK and world. Ship building is what this area is famous for and there is lots of info on this as well as other industries like linen, rope, tobacco, whiskey and air conditioning.

The engineering feats that were achieved over 100 years ago are astounding!! The Arrol Gantry, being one such example, which was really like very fancy scaffolding / frame used in building the Titanic. There was a ride which we went on and which gave a taster of the sounds and stories and conditions these skilled workers had to endure.

There were also displays of how and where the Titanic was thought of, designed and kitted out with examples of the facilities and accommodation available in all classes. There was also a type of virtual reality display of moving around the ship-not for those with a travel sickness tendency (my wife!!).

Above there is a diagram of how the Harland and Wolff company and others are inter related in the construction of the Titanic. This shows that the Titanic had lots of people working on her-a true testament to the workforce of Belfast.

A lot of effort was required to get to the depths of where she sank and its truly breathtaking to see and hear the commentary of how the submersible captured the first pictures of the Titanic at depth. It was a bit eerie!! 

The total experience will take a good 2-3 hours and this was my third visit but my wife’s 1st. I can honestly say that from day one (I was there on opening day in March 2012) to now, I still am in awe of the place and it’s good to see that the exhibits do change. It really is the must see attraction in Belfast.

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