My first BBQ 2016

I am so embarrassed and p..sed off as today was my first BBQ for nearly 2 years!!!!! Aaagggghhhh the weather here is cr.p!!!! Nyways I fired up my Wee mini pink BBQ bucket from TESCO with real charcoal and honestly guys I started with charcoal, moved to gas and back to charcoal. The taste of charcoal is far superior, but yes it takes longer to cook and is more weather dependent!!

I marinated two chicken breasts in my tandoori masala. To accompany it I made a veggie risotto using two serving spoons of my veggie delight and 3/4 glass of arborio risotto rice. I cooked this for 40 minutes whilst the chicken was on the BBQ. 

Plated it up and had a fab meal. U want some?

Whilst coals are still hot cook other stuff. I did quorum sausages and garlic!!


Lunch at The Sleepy Hollow

I treated myself to a spot of lunch at The Sleepy Hollow. Chef and proprietor Paul took over in early 2013 and has taken this place to great heights. 
On arrival I was seated and presented with a bottle of ice cold water before choosing cod and chips for my main course. The lunch menu is on a single sheet and has a very varied choice from all local producers. Great value of two courses for £14.50 or three for £16.50-I only managed a main for less than a tenner!!

The restaurant itself is a 55 seater, split into three rooms on two levels, with an ample car park. The bare stone walls and exposed wooden beams give it great character. There is also a lovely farm shop (which I believe is to close,such a pity).

When my food arrived it came on a rectangular wooden board (not a fan of wooden boards). There was a Wee shot of beer, a mini bucket of fresh tartare sauce (could really taste the capers!!) a deliciously fried piece of cod resting on mushy peas and wedge of lemon resting on the peas also, lastly a mini pan of four crispy,very fat, thrice fried organic Marris Piper chips!!! The portion size was amazing and I didn’t need starters or dessert or tea/coffee. There is an extensive wine list and the Christmas Menu is ready. This is definitely a restaurant to find and visit as you will really enjoy!!!!