My first BBQ 2016

I am so embarrassed and p..sed off as today was my first BBQ for nearly 2 years!!!!! Aaagggghhhh the weather here is cr.p!!!! Nyways I fired up my Wee mini pink BBQ bucket from TESCO with real charcoal and honestly guys I started with charcoal, moved to gas and back to charcoal. The taste of charcoal is far superior, but yes it takes longer to cook and is more weather dependent!!

I marinated two chicken breasts in my tandoori masala. To accompany it I made a veggie risotto using two serving spoons of my veggie delight and 3/4 glass of arborio risotto rice. I cooked this for 40 minutes whilst the chicken was on the BBQ. 

Plated it up and had a fab meal. U want some?

Whilst coals are still hot cook other stuff. I did quorum sausages and garlic!!


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