Belfast’s newest dinner/entertaining experience 

My date was my cousin and we had a blast at the newest dinner/entertainment experience in Belfast. Teppanyaki (Japanese for hot plate cooking) is a very social experience. Approximately 10-15 people sit aroundone of three hot plates and the chef cooks in front of you, fresh food and juggles knives, forks, spatulas, tosses eggs, throws bits of omelette into your mouth-I caught mine…..after 2nd attempt, and no I didn’t have egg on my face haha!!!!

We started with some tasty, light miso soup (seaweed, scallions and tofu soup) spiced with chilli, soy and wasabi to taste. Then the main event. Mr Genelito (chef) is not a stranger to Belfast. He was Teppanyaki chef at Harbour View many moons ago before William (China China) brought him back from London.

Mr G started by flambéing the hot plate with brandy-the fire was hot,high and intense. Then he started cooking the egg fried rice-that’s when he tossed the omelette into my mouth-he also showed us his machine gun egg chopping!!!! We chose the chicken and king prawn Teppanyaki which he cooked and lastly he cooked fresh vegetables and bean sprouts. Word of warning the portion sizes are huge!!! Great value for £33, definitely go back for more!!!

PS the dishes in the wooden boats were our dining neighbours and were exquisitely prepared and presented. 3 Levels is one restaurant on three levels. The ground floor is a cafe, 1st floor is a Chinese and top floor is Teppanyaki/Japanese.

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