Healthy bangers and mash

Healthy-yes definitely!!! This meal is definitely healthy here’s how:

I diced 4 medium sized potatoes and boiled them for 20 minutes. Whilst this was happening I cooked two diced breakfast mushrooms with 1 small diced onion and 1/2 diced red pepper in a teaspoon of garlic infused (home made) Rapeseed oil-adding a bit of the water from the boiling spuds if mixture got too dry. 

The main event was the bangers. I picked up a pack of 97% Pork sausages!!!! They were made by Wow I always thought an optimal sausage was 80% meat so I was a bit sceptical. I cooked the sausages by dry frying them on a medium heat, turning occasionally. Took about 15 minutes. When all ready I mashed the spuds and added some milk after removing excess water from the spuds. With this water I made up gravy using this with Bisto.

The resulting meal fed our family of four and we all loved it-especially my wife who is very dubious when it comes to sausages. The Heck sausages were definitely a huge hit. They tasted amazing, had great texture, held their shape very well and are a definite hit!!! I bought them from Tesco and they are available in other supermarkets.

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3 thoughts on “Healthy bangers and mash

  1. belshade

    You have described one of my favourite meals!
    You mention rapeseed oil. Some sources suggest it and sunflower oil are not as “safe” as olive oil because of chemical ingredients added. Have you any thoughts on this?
    Also I have heard from some sources that olive oil is only “good for you” in its raw state – that it may even be detrimental if cooked! Strange – surely inhabitants of Mediterranean countries are healthy in spite of cooking in olive oil?
    Enjoy your articles. Des.


    • Belfast FoodMan

      Hi Des some reports are that sunflower oil when heated may not be good for you,interestingly Rapeseed oil at temperature is stable. The olive oil is also great to use.Extra virgin Olive oil is the gold standard but is pricey


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