Turkey meatballs, ragu and rice

My wife bought a pack of turkey mince and challenged me to make something she’s not tried before!!!

So thinking caps on I came up with turkey meat balls, ragu and rice. I had already got cooked brown rice in the fridge-it was only cooking the turkey and ragu. 

For the ragu I diced two carrots, two mushrooms, a yellow pepper and a handful of kale. I cooked this  in a tbsp of Rapeseed oil, then added a tin of chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, salt and pepper to taste.

The turkey mince I seasoned, added a tspn of garlic infused Rapeseed oil and 1 small finely diced onion. I then made 15 balls, dusted in flour and pan fried on low heat until they had all coloured as per pic:

I then added the balls to the ragu and cooked for 5 minutes. Served it over the rice with a side salad and it fed my hungry family of four!!