Restaurant music licence

Play recorded music in your restaurant? Play it right, be compliant.By law, if you’re playing recorded music in public at your restaurant, in most instances you need to obtain permission to do so from the copyright holder(s) and will usually need music licences from both PPL and PRS for Music. This includes playing music from the radio, TV, CDs, background music systems or other sources. Whether you’re playing classic Bollywood, modern takes, pop music or other music genres, by purchasing the correct music licence your restaurant can play recorded music while being confident that you are legally compliant.
PPL acts for all of the major record companies and thousands of smaller independent labels and musicians. PRS for Music represents songwriters, composers and publishers. PPL’s repertoire includes music made in many different countries, including music from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. By offering licences for the use of most commercial recorded music, PPL makes it easier for music users to obtain the permissions they legally require.


 What does music mean for your restaurant?

Playing music has the potential to add value and benefit your restaurant business by creating a good atmosphere, influencing a customer’s choice of restaurant and creating a better working environment for improved staff productivity. 
What happens if you do not contact PPL?

If you require a licence and do not obtain one you will be infringing copyright, contrary to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Ultimately, you may face legal proceedings. These are very much a last resort, but unfortunately are sometimes necessary. A court can order a business to pay its outstanding licence fees plus PPL’s legal costs and issue a court order known as an injunction to stop the business playing recorded music until this is done.

To get your PPL licence now, visit our website. It only takes a few clicks.
Alternatively, call us on 020 7534 1070 or email us at


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