Stroke Awareness Day 29th October

This year Stroke Awareness Day is 29th October. Stroke can be a killer and disabling if not caught early. Always remember FAST which stands for Face, Arm, Speech and Time an aide memoir in early diagnosis/catching someone with stroke-it could save someone’s life.

On a lighter note the wonderful folk over at NI Chest Heart and Stroke, who do a fantastic job, sent me a wee hamper/ kit to make a “stress free” spicy chilli bean dish as part of Stroke Awareness Day. 

My challenge this evening was to turn the above into a meal for the four of us!! I happily took it up and tweeked it a tad. I added some chicken to the chilli bean mix and used less tomato and added a splash of soy sauce and came up with my dish below!!

The four of us polished it off no problems and it went down a real treat-all stress free!! Thanx to NI Chest Heart and Stroke and please all support Stroke Awareness Day on the 29th!!

Zen food pairing with Lehmann Wines

I was honoured to attend a wine pairing event at Zen- a truly exquisite Japanese restaurant. The wines were by Peter Lehmann Wines from Australia.  Joe Roberts from Lehmann Wines was our wine aficionado whilst Michael and team from United Wines  facilitated the event.


It was fascinating to learn the history behind Lehmann wines. Peter Lehmann was one of the original trilogy of South Australian German wine producers (others being Wolf Blass and Max Hubert of Grange Wines). The Lutheran Germans arrived in Port Adelaide in 1844 and brought with them the original, pre Phylloxera “old vines” so technically speaking these wines are “old” world and not “new” world wines!! Phylloxera decimated European vines in 1853. 

Barista is synonymous with this region and it was named after an area in Cadiz,Spain by Col William. There are two main producing areas being High or Eden Valley for white and the floor for red. The soils and granite all impart their own characteristics.

Peter started the company in 1979 and it was called Masterson until 1983 and then Peter gave his name to the company. The wines are commercial and boutique and drank globally. Sadly Peter is no longer here in body but is in Spirit!!

This brings us on nicely to the food.We tasted five tasting dishes (salmon, sushi, chicken, duck and monkfish) along with the respective wines. On arrival we sampled the Pinot Grigio. With the salmon we had dry Riesling, with sushi there was Sauvignon Blanc. Chardonnay went with the chicken and Shiraz Cabernet with the duck.  I had monkfish instead of beef and Shiraz. The wine pairings were spot on and definitely good matches!!

The ambience of the place, coupled with the efficient and professional service really made this a truly wonderful experience. Suffice to say this is still my favourite Japanese restaurant in Belfast!! The food plates we had really made us all wanting more!!!!

Early dinner with my girls

I brought my two daughters here for dinner last night. They’ve never been here before. Simon and the staff were very friendly and helpful and seated us near the fish feature-my girls loved it!!
We went for a kids chicken fried rice, kids chicken chow mein, Bangkok seafood (me), chips and curry sauce. We had complimentary prawn crackers and curry sauce to start and the girls loved these as they were warm, crispy and tasty.

The kids dishes came out and I actually had to question whether they were kids or adults as the portion size was big!! They tucked into their meals and then mine arrived followed by chips and sauce. The food was superb, portion sizes amazing and service excellent. 
Definitely worth a trip to Glengormley for good, authentic, Chinese and Thai cuisine and all for £30!!!