Stroke Awareness Day 29th October

This year Stroke Awareness Day is 29th October. Stroke can be a killer and disabling if not caught early. Always remember FAST which stands for Face, Arm, Speech and Time an aide memoir in early diagnosis/catching someone with stroke-it could save someone’s life.

On a lighter note the wonderful folk over at NI Chest Heart and Stroke, who do a fantastic job, sent me a wee hamper/ kit to make a “stress free” spicy chilli bean dish as part of Stroke Awareness Day. 

My challenge this evening was to turn the above into a meal for the four of us!! I happily took it up and tweeked it a tad. I added some chicken to the chilli bean mix and used less tomato and added a splash of soy sauce and came up with my dish below!!

The four of us polished it off no problems and it went down a real treat-all stress free!! Thanx to NI Chest Heart and Stroke and please all support Stroke Awareness Day on the 29th!!

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