Wedding at Manor House Hotel

My family and I attended a wonderful wedding two days ago. The wedding was of a family friend, Tina with Allen. The venue was the superb Manor House Hotel. I have previously visited the hotel for drinks and to hire a boat at the Marine, but this was our first formal visit.

The grounds and location are exquisite and it’s easily accessible. On arrival there were snacks and tea/coffee-all provided by the hotel and well received after our 2 hour drive. The Manor House is an award winning hotel and it is very easy to see why.

The wedding ceremony was a traditional Hindu ceremony and was discharged admirably by the Priest Mr Ashok Sharma who went to great detail to explain the ceremony and involved the audience. I must say this was a truly wonderful ceremony.

After the ceremony there was a drinks reception and snacks which again were provided by the hotel and tasted fantastic. There was champagne, juice and lassi and to eat there were fish cakes, chicken skewers, paneer and sweet potato chips as well as sandwiches and pastries.

We then made our way into the main dining hall where John, Maureen and staff looked after approximately 200 guests with Swiss clockwork proficiency and precision . The entertainment was provided by the famous Edinburgh outfit VIP Entertainments along with the two renowned Dholis (drummers). Before the dancing there was the scrumptious five course meal of goats cheese tartlet, butternut squash soup, bacon wrapped chicken with vegetables, fruit crumble and tea/coffee. Kids had sausages and chips and there was a wonderful veggie main choice. The service ran smoothly and the food was absolutely amazing. There was plenty of wine and soft drinks to accompany.

After this feast we were treated to some excellent entertainment by DJ VIPS and the Dholis. We welcomed the newlyweds onto the floor for their first dance and then partied!! We had to drive back home so couldn’t dance into the wee hours….have to go back and try the bedrooms soon!!!!

Thanks for the gracious invite, wonderful hospitality and best wishes for you married life.

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