Tony Roma’s dinner

It’s hard to believe Tony Roma’s is eleven years old and I remember going the first week it opened!! I thought I would pay it a visit and see how it’s doing. 

When I arrived I noted that it had had a face lift inside-it was different from what I recalled. I was warmly received and seated by the very bubbly and pleasant Orla. The menu was duly presented and I Larousse for a few minutes whilst waiting for my Barneys Brew to arrive.

As I was feeling peckish I decided to order the Kickin Shrimp and then the 1/4 chicken and St Louis rib combo with mushroom side and mash with bacon on top. Incidentally this was what Orla recommended!!
The shrimp came in a large cocktail glass with chop sticks. They were fried and smothered with a creamy sauce and on a bed of salad. These didn’t last long and were divine!!

The main course arrived after a few minutes and actually looke bigger than what it was! I tucked in to the succulent juicy chicken and the ribs were “melt in your mouth” tender!! The bourbon sauce really made the dish stand out and caramelised well. The sides went well together and the only other addition was some hot sauce-which wasn’t too hot!! As can be seen a very clean plate and messy hands – wet towels were on hand.
My verdict is that Tony Roma’s is even better 11 years on. Staff are excellent, portion sizes big and great value for money (my meal was £33). Tony Roma’s have offers on during the week like all you can eat ribs on a Monday (which I did last year), couples special on a Tuesday and kids eat free on a Sunday. 

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