Pre opening night at Camile Thai Belfast

After battling through the traffic for an hour from Glengormley to the Lisburn Road I wasn’t in a happy mood, but the reward of a delicious Thai meal from the new Camile Thai was my goal and kept me going!! I had the foresight to call my order in earlier. I ordered a large king prawn chu chee dish and large red Thai chicken curry, both £15.9 each. This was served with two portions of brown rice each. 

On arrival the weather was like a monsoon and the converted old M&S store on Lisburn Road was totally transformed. It was a good job I ordered earlier because it was extremely busy and I guess all 24 staff were working!! 

Camile Thai is predominantly a takeaway place with 40% of orders online, then telephone orders then walk ins. There is limited seating for those that can’t wait to tuck in. I was given a tour of the restaurant by the CEO Mr Brody Sweeney who explained the “flow” of the place and the ethos. He also showed me a tiny freezer and said that all the ingredients are fresh and only prawns are frozen!!

I battled my way back to Glengormley with my girls in the car and as soon as we were home we feasted!!! It really was well worth the wait. The red chicken curry was very coconutty and creamy and not too spicy whilst the king prawns were cooked in a spicy sauce with onion, green beans and cucumber as requested. There was plenty of rice also. Was ample for four adults!! Ps Brody threw in a bag of prawn crackers (£2) which were greatly welcomed. 

The official first day of trade is tomorrow (Wednesday) and look out for special offers. I must say I think that it will do very well. The menu is extensive and has all calorie values as well as allergen and healthy eating information. Thank you guys for the kind invite!!

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