Sunday lunch at Taylor & Clay

My two daughters and I had the privilege of having Sunday lunch at the restaurant Taylor & Clay at The Bullitt Hotel. I was excited but had some reservations as my previous visit to the Bullitt was less than enthusiastic, but I was open to change. 

I was in for such a pole shift I kid you not!! The entrance and signage is still lacking, but the place during daytime is totally different. In fact it feels like a totally different place and I loved it. 

Indeed the lighting was so good I could really appreciate the Jameson Barrels, the pictures and general ambience.

We were shown to our corner table by the window by Vicki. The menus were presented to us and I must say the restaurant is geared for older diners, kids are catered for- mine had the sausage and chips and flatbread with cheese and tomato. 

I personally went for two hot plates of hot pickled sausages and the king prawns with flatbread. For main I had corn fed chicken. Then a flat white to finish.

The kids loved theirs and there was plenty for them. My sausage and burnt onion cream was excellent as was the prawns and flatbread-a really good Intro. My corn fed chicken was yellow and I had two legs on the bone. This was served with broccoli, 3 perfect roasties, creamy root vegetables and burnt onion cream. The chicken was so rich in flavour and the vegetables and sauce was a super twist on a traditional dish-thoroughly recommended. To finish I had a flat white made from a Coffee machine made by Kess Van Der Westin. Started in 1984, Dutch and the only one in NI! It tasted amazing.

For me and the girls the Asador grill was the main attraction. It’s warm, homely and a great talking point. I will definitely be back for more!!

Thank you Alana and Vicki and all the staff at The Bullitt and Taylor & Clay for making our afternoon!!

Duck stir fry

I’ve just made the best duck noodles ever-quote from my 8 year old daughter.

I thinly sliced two Gressingham such breasts skin and all and marinated in some brown sugar and soy sauce. Meanwhile I julienned a green pepper and an inch of ginger. Also I sliced mushrooms, onion and garlic. 

I heated my wok til it was smoking then cooked the duck for 5 minutes, then the veg and then added the soaked noodles. The girls really loved it!! Try it out.

Ps I took mine out first as the girls were watching a movie!!

Taaj Take Away

I was coming back from Londonderry and have always wanted to pop into Taaj. So I did. I ordered a plain lamb madras and pilau rice. The place was busy and lots of people were ordering carry outs. I shall definitely have a Dine in meal next time!! 
I had the lamb and rice just now and have to admit Indian food especially lamb dishes taste better the next day. The meat was tender, lovely spices and it was nice and chilli-with real green chillies. Lucky Magherafelt has such a good real Indian restaurant!!

Mama Masala-Indo Italian at its best

This is a superb restaurant with an amazing view over the Foyle. It’s very well managed and run with the best front of house staff-I’m surprised they were beaten at the Irish Curry awards!!
The Italian menu is traditional and also has an Indian influence. I had a chicken tikka pizza with a tomato base of ginger garlic and spices. It was fantastic- just like Pizzas in India and Vancouver!!

For main I had three pieces of Tandoori monkfish cooked expertly and served on a sizzler with onions. The meat was juicy and tender and the sauce was a proper sauce, not a watered down version so many places serve. This had heat, taste and flavour. I mopped it all up with a tandoori roti and keema nan (again plenty of keema). 

For those folk who live in Londonderry/Derry you guys are lucky. For everyone else…you better make a trip!!