Mama Masala-Indo Italian at its best

This is a superb restaurant with an amazing view over the Foyle. It’s very well managed and run with the best front of house staff-I’m surprised they were beaten at the Irish Curry awards!!
The Italian menu is traditional and also has an Indian influence. I had a chicken tikka pizza with a tomato base of ginger garlic and spices. It was fantastic- just like Pizzas in India and Vancouver!!

For main I had three pieces of Tandoori monkfish cooked expertly and served on a sizzler with onions. The meat was juicy and tender and the sauce was a proper sauce, not a watered down version so many places serve. This had heat, taste and flavour. I mopped it all up with a tandoori roti and keema nan (again plenty of keema). 

For those folk who live in Londonderry/Derry you guys are lucky. For everyone else…you better make a trip!!

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