Ethical reviews

I have been vey fortunate to be invited by restaurants. Wholesalers and retailers. I must  admit if it is  retailer or wholesaler we graciously accept the Fayre even ifit is free.If a restaurant then I always offer to pay and on many occasions this is rejected. 

This does not detract on how good or bad the food/service is. So bear in mind!!!!

Fusilli veggie pasta

Guys such a wholesome, easy to cook ansd healthy dinner.

Boil 4 handfuls of fusilli (1 per person) til al dente. 

In another pan cook onion, garlic, Tom & Ollies tomatoes, mushrooms and minced vegetables aling with small jar pesto. When ready marry them both, voila dinner made in heaven!!

Classic Punjabi Indian meal

  1. Yesterday I decided to cook a nice twist on a traditional  North Indian  meal- using all natural ingredients and no chemical additives. My ingredients are below:

I marinated my chicken with home made Tandoori masala and paprika, as well as yoghurt, ginger and garlic and yoghurt. This was cooked in oven and served with slices of onion and cucumber.

For the main I cooked chicken and peppers in a wonderful jar of natural Punjan sauce, as per instructions. Whilst this was cooking I made cumin and mushroom brown rice.

I plated up using cucumber and carrot spaghetti, Tom & Ollies Harissa, tapenade and tomato. Also garnished with lemon wedges and cucumber slices.