Peace on earth

This is a heavy topic. If God wanted total peace on earth he could have enabled it. Yet he chose to have division and that has caused all the crap in the world. So do you believe in him or not? 

My philosophy is simple treat everyone equally and it doesn’t matter about religion, which is man made!! Follow the basic 10 commandments be u Jew, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or Aetheist and apologies if I have missed nyone. 

Terrorism, murder, death never worked in Northern Ireland. Why work anywhere else. I’ve been hijacked at gun point, our businesses bombed. WTF who gains. Also media stop giving them the time!!!!

Peace and holiday greetings….ps eat drink b merry!!!!

West meets East- Chico and Chang

The newest West meets East- Chico and Chang takeaway has blasted off!! It’s ideally located on the Lisburn Road near Adelaide station, the Police and fire stations and good job too as the chillies are hot!!!!!

Very clever and eye catching and moth watering menu. Whilst I waited I was treated to some delicious salt and chilli chicken. It was perfectly spiced but a touch dry!!

The main event was the mixed Chinese  box of chips, rice, honey chilli chicken and hot wings. Also a proper meat filled chicken burrito with fresh beans……delicious. Better than some burritos around. They deliver and take tele orders- perfect for when you get off the train!!!!!

Christmas lunch

I treated myself to an amazing turkey and ham lunch. Nice succulent moist meat and great stuffing. Mash was perfect and 3 golden roasties, mmmmmm. Sprouts just right and baton carrots lovely. Great meal for £14. Service excellent but had to ask for the fresh cranberry sauce. It’s great when someone else cooks it up!!!!