Peace on earth

This is a heavy topic. If God wanted total peace on earth he could have enabled it. Yet he chose to have division and that has caused all the crap in the world. So do you believe in him or not? 

My philosophy is simple treat everyone equally and it doesn’t matter about religion, which is man made!! Follow the basic 10 commandments be u Jew, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or Aetheist and apologies if I have missed nyone. 

Terrorism, murder, death never worked in Northern Ireland. Why work anywhere else. I’ve been hijacked at gun point, our businesses bombed. WTF who gains. Also media stop giving them the time!!!!

Peace and holiday greetings….ps eat drink b merry!!!!

4 thoughts on “Peace on earth

  1. belshade

    Some sound thinking there. Perhaps the tide will turn and peaceful means of settling problems will increase. Terrorism could be likened to an extreme form of the baby throwing its toys out of the pram! Happy Christmas /holiday/New Year. Des.

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  2. America On Coffee

    God is good! God is great! We, man (mankind) have inherited a sinful nature, a disharmony with God, with our fellow man and in nature. It is wrong to say all Islamic faith people are bad. Islamic-faith people like Christian faith people should only be acknowledged by the content of their character. I have only met very kind Muslims. May God’s Will in Christ Jesus be revealed to all!

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  3. Simply Splendid Food

    You are right. It reminds me of the 100 year WAR OF THE ROSES. We don’t talk about what or why it started. We only remember that it lasted 100 years. So sad. I hope you have a good holiday this year and I hope peaceful wishes will be in our hearts all year. 💖 💖 💖

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