Biblical prophecy 

‪The Bible and other books say that Israel will be hammered.So get used to it.All we can do is help the casualties.we can’t change prophecy ‬

9 thoughts on “Biblical prophecy 

  1. brotherjasonjohn

    A friend of mine is an Orthodox priest – – one of the finest men I know. He tells me the Orthodox read the entire Bible as if it was in the voice of Christ. The prophets therefore also contain the commands for social justice that Jesus lived by on earth. The injustice of man to man has gone on for centuries and seems to know no end. But, my priest friend reminds me, God is on His throne, and there will come a time when tears are dried. Personally, I hope that’s soon.

    Br. Jason

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  2. brotherjasonjohn

    Big answer seems to be when the time is right. Then, it becomes a matter of how to live until then. I have a friend who keeps presenting me with possible dates, and I offer to place a wager. Seems like a good deal for him as he only has to be right once. But he won’t take my bet. I guess he would have a tough time collecting.

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  3. Donald John

    Who is Israel? The people in that little country in the middle east? My Bible tells me any man who denies that Jesus in the Christ in an antichrist denying the Father and the Son. Be not deceived. Yahweh is protecting his prize gem city Jerusalem and the fertile Palestinian valley.

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