Israel USA

the Bible, Torah and Koran says there will b conflict.Just get on with it!!!! Why trying to change, help, or reinvent history. This will happen, let it happen and get on with it!! 

6 thoughts on “Israel USA

  1. tubularsock

    Well BFM, you may want to put more stock in non-fiction literature and see what could be decided. Now Tubularsock does understand the frustration of not killing more people but that hasn’t worked so far even with all the documentation in the three fairytales you’ve mentioned.

    And just maybe we could all sit down around a great ham sandwich and talk peace. On second thought Tubularsock may be wrong.

    Thanks for following Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second news.”

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    • theworldistroubled

      I won’t call them fairy tales. I see the prophecies in the bible as history foretold past and present. Spoke about past and present wars and empires and leaders, taking away the religious aspect and seeing it for a historical view and its accuracy in predictions..

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  2. theworldistroubled

    But many people do not read these books and don believe in the prophecies ..which the bible also states that our hearts and minds will be blind to it..some Muslims believe the state of Israel should not exist..that conflict will not resolve until they accept the state of Israels,s existence

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