Have to share this with you guys. I love everything to xs especially alcohol. So much so that I have accepted that I am an alcoholic and that I derive an understanding and fellowship through like minded people at Alcoholics Anonymous. 

Addictions come in many forms, eating, drinking, sex, gambling. I have been fighting mine from an early age and unfortunately it takes its toll on family life, work life and ones mental state.

An addiction is something in which our neural networks, anatomy and physiology  keep us in that vicious circle. 

The hardest part is telling the non addict as they don’t understand. Hence my wee piece tonight. For me alcohol is poison and if not abstained from I can lose too much. I’ve reached out to local industry professionals (they know who they are, I’m not going to name and Shame). Even Medical services are slow to react. 

My sanity and sobriety is one day at a time, not having that first drink and attending as many AA meetings as possible. 

I know this will be a bolt out of the blue for some folk but I always said I would share something big in 2017.

Have a fab New Year and stay safe.

15 thoughts on “Addictions 


    I stopped completely with alcohol 12 years ago as I had really lost control over it. For me this now means real freedom and also a different view and perspective of the world as I am always sober which is not bad at all. So if you have the chance and will, try to get rid of this devil controlling your dopamin-producing part of the brain and so much more. Wishing you all the best!

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  2. Fiona Chapman

    I Truly believe that with courage such as you have, only great things can lie ahead for you .
    May 2017 be about new beginnings, tonight you leave the past behind.
    Look forward to seeing you soon, and a very happy new year. Fiona

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  3. brotherjasonjohn

    First, thanks for following my site here on WordPress. Sometimes, I forget to look at my stats and wonder if anyone is watching.

    More importantly, though, I appreciate your disclosure about your alcoholism and your sobriety. I just celebrated 17 years sober in November 2016. Your honesty helps to reinforce the truth that alcohol is no respecter of people or professions. It is quite happy to destroy the life of anyone it touches. I have been asked how, as a meditation teacher, I could be an alcoholic. Frankly, how could I not when up against an adversary that is cunning, baffling and powerful? One man alone rarely stands a chance. A couple of my AA friends are in food services as well. They have come through well so far by following suggestions and working a solid program. May you continue to be granted the strength to work yours.

    Br. Jason

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