RIP Carrie Fisher

Princess Leah had the have been the all time hit, action packed, witty and every young lads dream babe-she still is in my book. RIP Carrie!!!!!

Voter id

Electoral fraud: Pilot scheme for ID before voting defended.It’s only common bloody sense-public get real, fools

Perfect Christmas dinner

What an amazing dinner with my amazing team!!!!

For starters it was salmon and mousse, salad, halloumi and veggie pies as well as salad and Dijon mustard sauce.

For mains it was veggie burgers for mum and dad with aloo tikki and tomato stuffing. For all else it was turkey, gammon, stuffing, duck, sausage and Pork. Served along with veggie and non veggie gravy, parsnips, carrots, sprouts, roast spuds and potato dauphinois. Wow

RIP George Michael

I remember him growing up, his style and songs were fab….the girls loved his looks and most lads didn’t as they thought he was gay and his music was crap……oh how short sighted of those who ever doubted him. I could honestly say as a singer I still love his stuff and it’s time immemorial. Also don’t forget his philanthropy. George u will always be missed!!!!!

Gohbi paratha

Gobhi (cauliflower) filled chapatti or paratha or mixed with flour and cooked on a tawa with spices, chillies and yoghurt and masala chai is on the menu today. You CANT get this in a restaurant and usually your granny does it best. In my case she does!!!!!! 

Hint if your Punjabi friends are having Gobhi Or aloo  (spuds) or mooli then grate crash. It will b the best meal you can have!!!! Especially after turkey and ham. Ps lots of fresh Chillis and Dhai or yoghurt!!!!